Healthcare Leadership Development

Strong leadership in healthcare is critical to organizational survival.

Healthcare organizations need leaders with the skills and expertise to lead people, create a culture of wellness, manage change, and find new opportunities. The healthcare environment is evolving rapidly. Leadership development is how healthcare organizations get the workforce they need to address the challenges ahead.

A scalable program for leadership in healthcare will enable your organization to:

  • Address health equity challenges
  • Create a trauma-informed culture of wellness that retains valuable employees and mitigates attrition during an era of Massive Resignation
  • Improve the bottom-line with actionable ROI
  • Attract, develop and retain talent and succession planning
  • Drive strategy execution
  • Increase success in navigating change with tools to empower employee growth

When your organization invests in its own employees, you are doing your due diligence in addressing the questions “Who will replace me when I retire?” and “How do we retain top talent in an era of massive resignation?” before it's too late.

Learn how to create a leadership development program and gain access to a list of resources offered by Cummings Graduate Institute to support the development of future healthcare leaders in our Healthcare Leadership Development guide.

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