DBH Student Work Spotlight: Assessment and Behavioral Interventions for Chronic and Comorbid Conditions

Introduction by Dr. Fanike-Kiara Young, DBH, LCSW, Director of DBH Program

October 7, 2020

CGI is dedicated to strengthening the clinical and diagnostic skills of our Doctor of Behavioral Health (DBH) students by expanding their perspective of care overall. In our course DBH 9902: Biodyne Model II: Assessment and Behavioral Interventions for Chronic and Comorbid Conditions, students are engaged in exploring the relationship between diseases and then treating these diseases from the perspectives of the provider and patient.

The role of chronic illness in the healthcare system is thoroughly discussed and students are asked to propose possible treatment solutions which focus on the behavioral health conditions that arise when a physical health diagnosis is present. Students are engaged in treating the whole patient early on in the program to encourage this consistent practice as they progress through the program and beyond.

Below you will find a selection of group protocol papers from DBH students who completed DBH 9902 in the spring of 2020. We hope that you gain some useful information and invite you to share their work within your networks.


Group Proposal Protocol: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Anxiety
By: Leslie A. Earl


Group Protocol for Nutrition Education Group for Students Ages 10-14 Identified as Suffering from Malnutrition and Poor School Performance
By: Brandy K. Biglow


COPD and Anxiety Psychoeducation Group Proposal
By: Jazmin Roberts


Group Protocol Proposal: Risky Drinking and Cardiovascular Disease
By: Jeanmarie M. Roberts


Group Protocol Proposal Paper: Hypertension and Anxiety
By: Ebony Watson


Group Protocol for Proposal Paper
By: Renee Woods


Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity Group Proposal
By: Naomi Esparza


DBH 9902: Biodyne Model II Chronic and Comorbid Conditions
By: Ellen Fink-Samnick


Combating Cardiovascular Disease in the African American Population Group Proposal
By: Cherrilleye Joiner


DBH 9902: Biodyne Model II Chronic and Comordid Conditions
By: Genieve Hoyte


Group Protocol Proposal
By: Amanda Barnard