MHL Program Transfer Credits

Master of Healthcare Leadership Program Transfer Credits

CGI welcomes transfer students. Transfer students participate in the same admissions process as new degree seeking applicants and are required to meet the same admissions requirements, in addition to the following transfer student requirements and conditions.

MHL Transfer Credit Conditions at a Glance

How to Apply for Transfer Credits

To apply for transfer credit review, prospective applicants should follow these steps:

  1. Start a MHL program admissions application.
  2. In the transfer credit section of the application, select "yes" to the question "Do you wish to transfer any credits?"
  3. Complete the transfer credit form linked in the admissions application.
  4. Upload an unofficial transcript of any transfer credits.
    1. Request a copy of your official transcripts containing transfer credit coursework to be sent to CGI.
  5. Upload a copy of the prior Institute’s Catalog which includes course descriptions for any courses the applicant wishes to transfer must be uploaded in the online application.
  6. Optional item: Upload a copy of the syllabi for each of the courses for transfer credit evaluation.

What happens after transfer credit materials are submitted with an admissions application?

  1. Once the prospective student's admissions application is received with the required transfer credit materials, the Director of the Program reviews and evaluates the supporting documentation.
  2. The Director of the Program then documents the decision on the Transfer Credit Request documentation.
    1. If the credit is denied, the request will show the denial and the reasoning for the denial.
    2. If the credit is approved, the request will show the approval and which course the transfer credit will be equivalent to at CGI.
  3. The Registrar informs the student of the outcome of the Transfer Credit Evaluation via the Transfer Credit Request form and/or in the Enrollment Agreement after the admissions decision has been made.
    1. Note: Transfer credits cannot be officially awarded until the official transcript has been received.

Transfer Credit from International Schools

International students follow the same procedure as domestic prospective students for transfer credit review.

In order to qualify for transfer credit, courses completed at recognized international institutions must be applicable to CGI’s degree program and comparable to the nature and quality of the Institute courses. Applicants who wish to receive transfer credit for coursework completed outside the US or at a Canadian institution that does not use English as its primary language of instruction and documentation must submit an official, detailed, course-by-course evaluation obtained from a NACES member.

Transfer Credit FAQ

Does CGI accept transfer credits?

Yes. Transfer credits are accepted for degree seeking programs only.

How many credits can I transfer to the Master of Healthcare Leadership (MHL) program?

The maximum allowed transfer credits to be accepted for the MHL program is fifteen (15) credit hours.

What courses can I transfer into the Master of Healthcare Leadership (MHL) program? What are the requirements for transfer courses?

Eligible course credits for transfer credits evaluation must

  • Be earned at a program at accredited colleges and universities, or from institutions approved by a foreign nation’s Minister of Education where the approval process is comparable to accreditation in the United States.
  • Be degree level equivalent in order to be transferred into the institution. This means master level courses can transfer into a master's level programs such as the MHL. Bachelor's level course are not eligible to transfer into a master program, such as the MHL.
  • Have a grades of 3.0 (“B”) or better on a 4.0 scale were obtained as a student and considered equivalent to CGI master's coursework on a course-by-course basis.
  • Have been earned as a credit-bearing learner and not as an auditing student, faculty, teaching assistant, or experiential learner.
  • Have been completed by the student within seven (7) calendar years prior to acceptance at CGI

How do I request transfer credits? 

Prospective students apply for transfer credit review in the admissions application. Additional materials are required in the application. The materials include:

  • Complete the transfer credit form linked in the admissions application.
  • Upload an unofficial transcript of any transfer credits.
    • If transfer credit is awarded, official transcripts containing transfer credit coursework is required prior to the first day of courses for the prospective student.
  • Upload a copy of the prior Institute’s Catalog which includes course descriptions for any courses the applicant wishes to transfer must be uploaded in the online application.
  • Optional item: Upload a copy of the syllabi for each of the courses for transfer credit evaluation.

Can I appeal a credit transfer decision?

In the event that a student disagrees with the awarded transfer credits or requests an exception to be considered for over the transfer credit maximum policy, the student may submit an appeal following the Transfer Credit Appeal Process.

Will transferring credits shorten the time to my degree?

Yes, transferring credits can shorten your time to degree. The length of time shortened is dependent upon the quantity of credits transferred and student pace.

Will my GPA transfer?

Transfer credit(s) awarded are transferred as equivalent credit amounts. Course grades and GPA are not transferred or reflected on the student’s account, Program of Study, or Official Transcript.

Does experience in the field count towards any courses?

For non Military affiliated students, not at this time. For veterans, see below.

Prior Education & Training Policy for Veterans: In Accordance with 38 CFR § 21.4253(d)(3), CGI will inquire about each veteran‘s previous education and training, and request transcripts from all prior institutions, including military training, traditional college coursework and vocational training. Previous transcripts will be evaluated and credit will be granted, as appropriate.

Additional information about transfer credit policies and procedures can be found at

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