American Association of Doctors of Behavioral Health (AADBH)

Presentation: The Future of Integrated Behavioral Healthcare: Recognizing and Empowering All Practitioners

Presentation Description:

This presentation explores the evolving landscape of integrated behavioral healthcare, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging and empowering both licensed and non-licensed practitioners to create a more effective, collaborative, and holistic care system.

Emphasizing the critical roles that non-licensed and licensed practitioners play in providing exceptional, patient-centered, trauma-informed care, we will underscore the importance of fostering enhanced collaboration, inclusivity, and support among all practitioners, who each contribute distinct skills and perspectives to the healthcare equation. By carefully examining best practices, innovative strategies, and real-world examples, we will demonstrate how embracing practitioner diversity can optimize integrated care, paving the way for improved patient outcomes and a more robust healthcare system overall.

Presenter Bios:

Dr. Amber Gray, DBH, MA, CCFDVC, PhD-c

Dr. Amber D. Gray, DBH, is a nationally recognized violence prevention and intervention leader. She is the Inaugural President/CEO of the American Association of Doctors of Behavioral Health and a Clinically-Certified Forensic Domestic Violence and Doctoral Addictions Counselor and certified Human Trafficking Victim Services Provider. She is the CEO of Gray’s Trauma-Informed Care Services Corp. Dr. Gray has over 30 years of experience in the field and has worked with victims of violence, law enforcement, and healthcare providers to help them protect those who can't protect themselves. She is a passionate advocate for victims of violence and is committed to providing them with the resources and support they need to heal and rebuild their lives. She also works with The Freedom Train Project Incorporated as the Violence Prevention and Victim Advocacy Director.

Dr. Gray graduated from Arizona State University College of Health Solutions, earning a Doctor of Behavioral Health. She also holds a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies from California State University San Bernardino. She is a certified project and program management professional (PMP), value stream mapper, 5S, A3, Kaizens and Hoshin Kanri certified, and a Lean Six Sigma black belt in Health Care.

In addition to her work with victims, Dr. Gray is a frequent speaker and presenter on violence prevention and intervention. She has been featured in numerous publications, including The Washington News Journal, Medical PR News, The New York News Journal, US FM 98.3, and the Boston Herald. She is also a collaborating author of the book "Women in Violence: Global Lives in Focus."
Dr. Gray is a dedicated and passionate advocate for victims of violence. She is committed to providing them with the resources and support they need to heal and rebuild their lives. She is a valuable asset to the field of violence prevention and intervention, and she is making a real difference in the lives of victims.

Napoleon Harrington, MA, LPC

Napoleon is the Founder and Therapist of the Ambassador Counseling & Resource Group, an award-winning collaborative counseling organization dedicated to providing people and professionals with proficient counseling and training services.
Upon earning his bachelor’s degree, he was awarded the Human Relations Award, a significant honor given to one graduating senior at Oakland University. Napoleon is an engaging presenter with national and international experience. In 2012, he was awarded the Adjunct Faculty of the Year Award for his academic and professional contributions to his colleagues and the undergraduate student body.

Napoleon’s leadership has been recognized by civic organizations and government officials. In January of 2016, he was inducted into the fifth class of the "Elite 40 under 40 of Oakland County". He has recently been inducted as an alumni and class president of the 28th class of Leadership Oakland – a premiere leadership program. He has served as past President of the Michigan Mental Health Counselors Association. In that role, Napoleon was instrumental in passing of Public Act 96 of Michigan, legislation that rescued the licensed professional counselor from a detrimental and uncertain future. Napoleon was awarded the “2020 Counselor of the Year” by the American Mental Health Counselors Association and is currently serving as Midwest Regional Director. In 2021, he was appointed by Governor Gretchen Whitmer to the Michigan Board of Counseling and serves as Vice – Chair.

Napoleon has had many experiences that inspired him to develop his counseling, speaking and facilitation skills and to be a voice of courage for people facing various fears and challenges. Napoleon has had multiple television appearances and has been featured as a radio guest to discuss mental health and psychology-related topics. He has written numerous articles for national and local publications on mental health and wellness topics. Currently, he is completing requirements for a Doctorate in Behavioral Health from Cummings Graduate Institute of Behavioral Health, anticipated to complete in 22024. He has a passion for people and has made it his mission to cultivate the optimal mental, physical, and spiritual well-being of those he meets. Napoleon is affectionately known as the “Courage Counselor.”
Napoleon lives in Auburn Hills with his college sweetheart and wife, Faith and his twin daughters, Isabella and Imani.

Dr. Andreena Jackson, DBH, MSSA, LSW

Dr. Andreena M. Jackson is from Cleveland, OH and a Cummings Graduate Institute for Behavioral Health Studies and Case Western Reserve University alumna. She is currently the CEO of Mindfulness Coaching & Consulting LLC. Dr. Jackson facilitates trainings for Administrative and Direct Care staff related to professional development, leadership, workplace culture, and team building. Her services also included strategic planning, program development and program evaluation.

As a therapist, Dr. Jackson has over 12 years of experience working with the Mental Health population, intellectually Developmentally Disabled (IDD) population and Substance Abuse population. Her treatment modalities include Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Behavior Modification, Motivational Interviewing, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Trauma Informed Therapy.

Dr. Jackson has worked in the behavioral health field for the last 21 years in various capacities, including Field Instructor, Volunteer Therapist, and the Owner and Operator of an adult care facility, Marshall Manor, serving the behavioral health population. Dr. Jackson is the current Chairperson for the CGI Alumni Association. She is a board member of the Emerald Development and Economic Network (EDEN), which provides housing for the chronically homeless and mental health population. Dr. Jackson is also a member of the American Association of Doctors of Behavioral Health board.

Dr. Ronke Komolafe, DBH, MBA

Dr. Ronke Komolafe is an executive leader with over 15 years of healthcare experience creating business value through systemic programs, evaluation, strategic planning, market expansion, product development, and revenue generation. Dr. Ronke is the Board Chair and CEO of Integrated Physical & Behavioral Health Alliance, a business and market expansion Company that provides leadership and go-to-market strategies to healthcare and health IT Companies. She is also the Editor-in-Chief of Integrated Health Magazine, a thought leadership magazine focusing on integrated health approaches to care delivery and digital health.

Dr. Komolafe is a member of the Forbes Business Council, the Vice Chair of the American Association for Doctors of Behavioral Health, the Vice President of HIMSS South Texas Chapter, and an Associate Professor at Morehouse School of Medicine. She is also an Advisory Council Member and Associate Professor at Cumming Graduate Institute of Behavioral Health Studies.

Dr. Komolafe has extensive experience in mental health IT, Medicaid, leadership, healthcare strategy, business development, integrated care, and regulatory affairs. Dr. Komolafe is known for her multi-dimensional perspective on integrated and mental health and her passion for health innovation and advancement.

Tabitha Chapman, MA, MFT, PCC, PhD-c

Tabby Chapman, MA, MFT, PCC, PhD-C is an accomplished executive, educator, and mental health professional working toward a doctoral degree in forensic psychology, public policy, and law. She is the Executive Director of the Freedom Train Project Incorporated, a non-profit organization that advocates for victims of coercive control and cults. In addition, she serves as Acting Vice President of The American Association of Doctors of Behavioral Health, a professional organization that advocates for integrated behavioral health professionals.
As a Professor at Golden West College, Tabby has a passion for teaching. She is known for her dynamic and engaging education. Tabby's dedication to improving the lives of others has not gone unnoticed. She has received numerous awards for her contributions to the field of victim advocacy, including the Daily Points of Light Award, which recognizes individuals who make a positive impact in their communities through volunteerism and service.

With her experience and expertise, Tabby is a sought-after speaker and consultant. She has provided consultation for advocacy and mental health for cult victims in numerous media outlets.

Dr. U. Grant Baldwin, DBH, MSW

Dr. U. Grant Baldwin, DBH, is an accomplished professional with over 15 years of experience in management, program administration, government and state medical programs, organizational transformation and innovation, community support and engagement initiatives, and performance management. He is an expert in public health and behavioral health treatment delivery systems, including issues relating to mental illness, developmental disabilities, and substance use disorders.

Dr. Baldwin is highly skilled in research, problem-solving, and obtaining pertinent information to solve organizational and operational problems. He has extensive leadership experience and the ability to unify and guide large groups of personnel toward common goals. Dr. Baldwin has expertise in managing several tasks simultaneously with few interruptions in the organizational flow of data, staff, and productivity.

He has a strong knowledge of business and management principles in strategic planning, resource allocation, modeling, leadership techniques, production methods, and coordinating people and resources. He has maintained quality and increased operational efficiency within organizations and can assign duties and evaluate the performance of subordinate personnel. Dr. Baldwin has experience supervising and directing a dynamic team consisting of senior and junior-level personnel.

Dr. Baldwin has enforced, managed, and executed Federal, state, and organizational level policies, procedures, laws, regulations, and actions. He advises executive-level management in policy matters, including various administrative activities, consumer and advocacy initiatives, community engagement/public relations campaigns, stakeholder engagement, strategic management and planning, recruitment and staffing, equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion/special emphasis.

Dr. Baldwin directed financial operations to ensure the effectiveness of organizational processes, projects, and services. He monitored, forecasted, and controlled budgets utilizing sophisticated budget databases.

Dr. Baldwin coordinated, evaluated, researched, and benchmarked strategic methodologies to advance organizational efficiency utilizing project management principles. He assessed and restructured administrative processes and policies through qualitative and quantitative research. He used analytical tools such as interviews, focus groups, HRIS, and surveys to obtain and verify the information for organizational transformation and evaluation purposes.

Currently, Dr. Baldwin is serving as the Chief Operating Officer at Imani Behavioral Health in Nashville/Clarksville, TN, where he is responsible for the development, implementation, and maintenance of daily operating procedures, motivating and integrating excellence in interpersonal and leadership skills, promoting outstanding organizational and time management skills, taking the primary lead in expansion activities, and in-depth knowledge of company structure and stability. Dr. Baldwin is also an Adjunct Professor/Subject Matter Expert at Fisk University and Morehouse School of Medicine, where he teaches specific courses innovatively and develops course outlines curriculum, and instructional materials to improve the processes and courses offered to students. Additionally, Dr. Baldwin is the Director of the Doctor of Behavioral Health Program at Cummings Graduate Institute for Behavioral Studies, where he is responsible for planning, organizing, and managing all of the activities related to academic operations.