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Institute Calendar and Term Schedule
Cummings Graduate Institute operates continuously with terms beginning throughout the year. Spring I, II, and Fall courses are twelve (12) weeks and the Summer term is seven (7) weeks in length. a minimum of a one (1) week break is scheduled between each term, but some terms have a two (2) week break. All United States federal government holidays will be observed, and classes will not be in session nor will assignments be due on those dates.  Click on the links below to view individual calendar.

Religious Holidays and Observances
Cummings Graduate Institute respects and honors the religion and cultural traditions of our diverse students. Cummings Graduate Institute faculty members will work with students to accommodate reasonable deadline extensions so that students can observe holidays and cultural traditions. It is the responsibility of the student to communicate the need for flexibility with due dates or other deadlines for assignments, tests, etc. due to a religious or cultural observance not already part of a planned holiday break for the program.

The “year at a glance” calendar shows all term start and end dates. To view institute calendars, including term start and end dates, for current, future, and prior academic years, see below.

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The totally online DBH program offered by Cummings Graduate Institute of Behavioral Health Studies is focused on the professional I have grown into: a synergistic disrupter for the healthcare industry, who is passionate about Wholistic Healthcare (e.g., health, behavioral health, and Social Determinants of Health and Mental Health), rendered skillfully through interprofessional teams. The program pillars of medical literacy, integrated behavioral health interventions, and entrepreneurship resonate loudly with me. The healthcare industry will continue to change, with doctoral level professionals needed to play a major role in any successful transformation. My goal is to further advance my knowledge-base, professional standing, and industry commitment to be part of these transformational efforts. In this way I can heed the Quadruple Aim: assuring quality-driven patient-centric care is rendered at the right time, through the right population-based treatment processes, at the right cost, and by empowered professionals embracing the work and committed to their charge.

Ellen Fink-Samnick MSW, ACSW, LCSW, CCM, CRP DBH Candidate, Cummings Graduate Institute for Behavioral Health Studies March 11, 2020