Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Initiatives

Cummings Graduate Institute for Behavioral Health Studies (CGI) is committed to continuous improvement of educational offerings, operations, and student services for continued financial sustainability. CGI annually measures its past and current policies, procedures, and results to evaluate the effectiveness and quality of its programs and services in an effort to meet students’ needs and positively impact the behavioral health profession. CGI identifies key indicators, data, and benchmarks that guide institutional effectiveness activities. The results of this information are shared with students, faculty, staff, administration, Advisory Board, and the Board of Directors. Feedback forms the basis for action plans designed to improve CGI’s educational offerings and operational structures.


Cummings Graduate Institute has identified the following strategic goals for 2020-2024.

Goal I. Improve Sustainability

Goal II. Create Strategic Partnerships

Goal III. Improve Operational Effectiveness

Goal IV. Build Pipeline & Improve Retention