CGI welcomes new partnerships with organizations dedicated to advancing awareness and education of integrated behavioral healthcare.

Partnership Levels

We offer four avenues to partner with us to advance our mission, vision, and values:


Join forces with CGI to develop, launch, redesign, or increase awareness of an integrated care or integrated behavioral health model, service, or product within your organization.


Join together with CGI to gain access to high quality integrated behavioral health education and training for your organization. CGI partners can gain access to exclusive tuition benefits, custom courses, and training packages. Learn more about Tuition Assistance Education Partnerships.



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Contribute to the education and advancement of future Doctors of Behavioral Health by donating to our institution scholarship fund. 100% of your donations go towards student scholarships. Click here to donate now.

Our Advantage

As a lean and nimble organization, we are able to develop customized approaches, tailored to an institute or organization's specific needs and provide onsite evaluations to help launch or advance integrated care efforts and adoption.

Dr. Cara English, CEO of Cummings Graduate Institute, speaks to the value of partnering with CGI.

How to Partner with Us

First, let us know how you'd like to partner with us by emailing or calling 480-285-1761 Ext. 7.

We will then contact you to discuss next steps. Download our Partnership Brochure.

Both domestic and international partnerships are welcome!

Happiness is partnering with those who share our vision to change the way the world experiences healthcare. We look forward to welcoming you as our next partner!

Our Partners

CGI is proud to partner with the following organizations.

The Office of the IRB (OIRB) facilitates the UNM IRB for Main Campus. It is the commitment of the OIRB to promote the safety and protection of people involved in human research by providing support, guidance, and education to facilitate ethical and scientifically sound research. The OIRB serves UNM Main and Branch Campus student, staff, and faculty researchers.

The International Foundation for Integrated Care seeks to advance the the science, knowledge, and adoption of integrated care policy and practice through the development and exchange of ideas among academics, researchers, managers, clinicians, policy makers, and users and carers of services throughout the World.


The mission of the Telebehavioral Health Institute is to provide clinical, legal, ethical, and competency-based professional training, staffing and consultation to advance the responsible use of technology in healthcare. TBHI is devoted exclusively to addressing the emerging opportunities and challenges of telebehavioral health, telemental health, digital health, telepsychiatry, telepsychology, distance counseling, online therapy and coaching.


Silver Linings Counseling was founded by Dr. Lori Crowson, DBH and Cummings Graduate Institute alumni, a Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in individual, couples, and family therapy. Silver Linings Counseling offers an advanced clinical model to meet the highly complex health needs of its patient population.


Hands TO Guide You is an integrated, behavioral healthcare practice located in Oklahoma City, OK.  Led by Dr. Larry Ford, Doctor of Behavioral Health (DBH) and Licensed Behavioral Health Professional (LBHP) whose mission and focus is to improve the way the world experiences healthcare is passionate about helping patients realize their full potential by successfully treating and resolving behavioral health deficiencies.


Covenant Behavioral Health is a registered 501(c)3 agency committed to serving active duty military, veterans, their dependents, and the local community through education and therapeutic services. Their services blend professional psychotherapy and psycho-educational material in order to assist with restoring broken relationships, healing the wounds of the past, and enhancing their patients’ quality of life. Covenant Behavioral Health is committed to the preservation of families and relationships. By using a practical, interactive, and solution-focused approach, Covenant Behavioral Health provides support and practical feedback to help patients resolve current problems and change long-standing behavioral patterns.


The Behavior Web offers training in Applied Behavior Analysis and consulting on practical behavioral approaches to improve the standard of care and empower all professionals who provide behavioral services. Our procedures range from the use of large-scale Behavioral Economics strategies to person-centered, trauma-informed individualized plans.


PsychU is a free community and online resource library for mental health. Their 40,000+ members share one simple belief: sharing information, increasing collaboration, and fostering ongoing discussion will lead to improved mental health care and patient outcomes.


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At the age of 53, and after working 25 years in the field of social work returning to school was not on my bucket list, but after learning about the Cummings Graduate Institute’s online program, my hope of achieving my lifetime a doctorate degree was possible. CGI online Doctor of Behavioral Health program is innovative and relevant. It's the perfect fit for the busy professional, parent or person looking to return to school or career advancement without the fuss of unnecessary coursework. CGI understands and recognizes that there are capable professionals and that most professionals are looking to gain a competitive edge or simply looking to satisfy a personal goal.

Steven Byrd DBH, Alumni March 4, 2017