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How to apply for admission.

A step-by-step guide.


Confirm admissions eligibility requirements are met

Ensure you meet the admissions requirements.

View the Doctor of Behavioral Health degree program admissions requirements.

View non-degree enrollment admissions requirements.


Complete the admissions

To start your application, complete the corresponding form for your desired program below. The application is 100% online.

Our application auto-saves, so you can return to complete it anytime.


Pay the application fee

Our online application processes application fee payment.

If you qualify for a military fee waiver, upload the requested documentation to confirm eligibility in your admissions application.


Submit application materials

Our online application allows for upload of all application materials, with the exception of official transcripts.

Applications are reviewed once all application materials are received.


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How to Access an In-progress Application

How to Access an In-progress Application

To find and continue working on an incomplete application, follow these steps.

  1. After an application is opened, an email is automatically sent to the address entered in the application. This email contains the link to your unique application.
  2. To locate the email with your personalized application link, search for any of the following within your inbox:
    Subject line: Your application with Cummings Graduate Institute for Behavioral Health Studies
    From email address:
  3. Once you’ve located the message, select the link “Click here to view your application”
  4. If you’re unable to locate the message with your application link, email for assistance.

Start your DBH program application.

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Start your Non-degree application.

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