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The Cummings Graduate Institute Catalog is an important guide and a collection of policies, procedures, information, and resources designed to keep students informed of their rights and responsibilities. Changes to Institute policies, rules, and regulations apply to all CGI students.

Updates to degree requirements apply only to new students who enroll at CGI after a new edition of the Catalog has been published. Degree requirements for currently enrolled student do not change. The date of the signature on a student's Enrollment Agreement determines the applicable edition of the catalog within the academic year.

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At the age of 53, and after working 25 years in the field of social work returning to school was not on my bucket list, but after learning about the Cummings Graduate Institute’s online program, my hope of achieving my lifetime a doctorate degree was possible. CGI online Doctor of Behavioral Health program is innovative and relevant. It's the perfect fit for the busy professional, parent or person looking to return to school or career advancement without the fuss of unnecessary coursework. CGI understands and recognizes that there are capable professionals and that most professionals are looking to gain a competitive edge or simply looking to satisfy a personal goal.

Steven Byrd DBH, Alumni March 4, 2017