Brandy Biglow, MA, LMHC, NCC, QS, CTP

Presentation: Changing the Culture to Reduce Burnout, One Provider at a Time

Presentation Description:

Using self-care strategies and boundary setting to prevent, reduce, and overcome burnout.

Burnout is a complex and multifaceted phenomenon from the CEOs to the inefficient use of technology. The research is clear. This presentation will help empower those struggling with symptoms of burnout to take back their life through small yet powerful and effective strategies. The current culture breeds burnout, and changes are slow. People using these strategies can combat the culture and prevent burnout, one person at a time. With time and setting the example, others will follow, and burnout will be significantly reduced.

Presenter Bio:

Brandy K. Biglow is the CEO and founder of Renovation Integrative Health, LLC. She has a broad range of licenses and certifications, including but not limited to being a licensed mental health counselor, a certified clinical trauma professional, and a Doctor of Behavioral Health candidate at Cummings Graduate Institute of Behavioral Health. She has over 20 years of working with children, individuals, and families. Ms. Biglow started out as a teacher of students with exceptionalities. She moved into counseling, seeking to provide support outside the educational realm via social-emotional education, family resources, and more. Today, Ms. Biglow continues her work in this arena and has expanded it to include integrative health. She is also passionate about preventing burnout, one person at a time. Using a hefty dose of humor and current information from research (anecdotal and qualitative), she changes the lives of those she works with in every encounter.