Cindy Rowe

Presentation: An Unconventional Approach: Leveraging Kindness as a Strategy for Success

Presentation Description:

In this session, you will learn how to use kindness strategically; you’ll be seen and valued as a strategic and compassionate leader while simultaneously boosting the bottom line and improving workplace culture.

Science has proven that doing kind acts for others makes us happier. And that’s excellent news for leaders because more satisfied employees are 12% more productive.? In today's workplace climate—amid staffing and retention challenges, it's crucial to have a competitive edge with current and future employees. In this talk, you’ll learn how to use kindness as a critical differentiator to make your organization stand out from the crowd.

Presenter Bio:

Cindy Rowe is a dynamic professional speaker, trainer, and passionate entrepreneur. She’s built two successful companies from the ground up, is a leader in her community, and works tirelessly to change the narrative around kindness. Leveraging her experience in sales, marketing, and organizational communication, Cindy shares evidence-based strategies with companies, organizations, and schools that improve employee culture and positively impact the bottom line. When she’s not speaking on stage, Cindy helps entrepreneurs grow their small businesses as the Chief Marketing Rockstar of Cindy Rowe Marketing. She is also leading the charge to turn kindness into a social movement as the Founder and CEO of Be Kind Crew.