Dr. Jason Blair, Ed.D.

Presentation: Intersectionality of the LGBTQ+ Community and Mainstream Society in Healthcare Research

Presentation Description:

As an analytical framework, intersectionality allows the researcher to examine better how a marginalized population (in this case, LGBTQ+ individuals) is viewed within the construct of broader society. It requires us to look beyond the individual differences that might be present and looks forward to a deeper understanding of how to overcome the discrimination and hatred that is all too pervasive in the world today. This presentation looks specifically at LGBTQ+ individuals and how healthcare providers and researchers can better understand this population’s intersection with mainstream society.

Presenter Bio:

Dr. Jason Blair is a graduate of Arizona State University and the University of Phoenix. He has worked in higher education for more than two decades. During that time, Dr. Blair has lived and conducted research in eight countries on three continents. He earned his Doctor of Education in 2005, writing his dissertation on the emergence of charter schools serving marginalized populations in Arizona. Since that time, his research has focused on helping different populations and cultures learn to understand and appreciate the differences inherent across the globe. He and his husband live in Thailand, working full-time for Cummings Graduate Institute for Behavioral Health Studies in Tempe, Arizona.