Dr. Liliane de Aguiar-Rocha, DBH, BCBA and Valeria Parejo, BCBA, QBA

Presentation: Reframing the Pandemic Travel Restrictions: From Barriers to Opportunities Supporting Healthcare Providers in Brazil

Presentation Description:

Reframing the Pandemic Travel Restrictions: From Barriers to Opportunities Supporting Healthcare Providers in Brazil will describe healthcare market opportunities uncovered due to pandemic conditions.

This presentation will describe the growth of a NY-based behavioral health organization focused on professional development for providers of behavioral intervention services in Brazil. There is a massive demand for ABA services in that country, but currently no regulation of the services or the profession. The pandemic provided an opportunity to make training available online, in Portuguese, for professionals seeking to incorporate best practices following international standards.

Presenter Bios:

Dr. Liliane de Aguiar-Rocha, DBH, BCBA

Dr. Liliane Rocha is a New York State licensed behavior analyst. She has extensive experience with ABA, quality improvement and crisis intervention/management training. She completed her doctoral degree in behavioral health, focusing on integrated care, at Cummings Graduate Institute for Behavioral Health.

She has worked with behavior analysis in various settings, including a Psychiatric Hospital leading a team of behavior analysts who designed behavior interventions to decrease the use of restrictive interventions during acute psychiatric admission. She is a certified ACT Matrix facilitator and uses the Pro-social Matrix in crisis-management training.

She is a consultant who provides consultation to local schools and hospitals and international consultation in Brazil, her native country. She is interested in bringing behavioral analytic treatment to areas with difficult access to behavior analysts. To that end, she has developed a telehealth practice, supervising behavior analysts serving children with ASD in Brazil.

Valeria Parejo, BCBA, QBA

Valeria Parejo has a Master’s in Applied Behavior Analysis from the Florida Institute of Technology. She is a behavior analyst with BCBA and QBA certifications, and a doctoral candidate at the Cummings Graduate Institute for Behavioral Health Studies, focused on Behavioral Health and Integrated Care.

She has over fifteen years of experience working in various areas, such as:

  • Intensive behavior group homes with adults diagnosed with intellectual or developmental disabilities, psychiatric disorders, and severe behaviors.
  • Consulting in schools and clinics
  • Supervising and mentoring professionals in ABA and behavioral health
  • Teaching at the graduate and undergraduate levels students seeking international ABA certification - in English and Portuguese
  • Clinical evaluator for accreditation of clinics in ABA, focusing on best practices

Nowadays, she teaches at the Florida Institute of Technology in the preparatory course for BACB certifications, and at The Behavior Web, in the preparatory course for QABA certifications, the first course to be available in Portuguese for behavior analysts seeking international certification. She offers mentoring and supervision for professional development and clinical and OBM consulting for clinics.