Dr. Olymphia O’Neale-White, DSW

Presentation: Reproductive Healthcare & Integrated Care: Considerations for Mental Health Providers

Presentation Description:

This presentation will discuss reproductive healthcare and associated challenges to expand mental health practitioners' competency for improved advocacy, practice, and integrated care efforts. Professional terminology in reproductive literature, as well as a breakdown of the existing integrated reproductive health model will be presented to provide foundational knowledge regarding the topic. This will be followed by an in-depth exploration of clinical occurrences and underpinnings of reproductive healthcare in the United States. Stigma shapes the perception of care in both American societies and the varying mental health professions. Secondary research involving patient experiences and reproductive health topics will be reviewed,displaying current gaps in service and room for growth. Theoretical frameworks will also be highlighted, with the Reproductive Justice Framework being presented for practical use in the field.

Participants will leave the course with a better understanding of reproductive healthcare and their role as mental health professionals to enact change.

Presenter Bio:

Dr. Olymphia O’Neale-White, DSW is a wife, public speaker, and proud graduate of North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University. Dr. White entered the field of human services after receiving her Bachelor's in Sociology. Her curiosity about communities, systems, and policy led to a vested interest in the Social Work profession, where she attended North Carolina Central University to obtain her Master of Social Work degree. During this time Dr. White cultivated a passion for consultation, field exploration, and employment services, soon completing her Doctor of Social Work (DSW) degree at the University of Kentucky. Dr. White’s personal experience with reproductive healthcare challenge and child loss, led to an unwavering commitment to reproductive education for social change. Dr. White currently works as a clinical military social worker, entrepreneur, and adjunct instructor, teaching at universities across the country. Dr. White takes pride in her efforts to make a change and serve through education, mentorship, and volunteerism. Presently Dr. White’s research interests include reproductive healthcare in social work education, building generational wealth in the social work profession, infertility among military service members, and improved financial literacy for social work professionals.

Dr. White has spoken for organizations like Grady Hospital, Savannah State University, Black Girls in Social Work, Tennessee State University, North Carolina Central University, Hunter College, and Black Women’s Initiative. Outside of her work within the mental health field and military, Dr. White is a creative, who enjoys singing, dancing, and world travel.