Dr. Enjolie Lafaurie PhD, CHt

Keynote Presentation: Community-Led Racial Healing Models

Presentation Description:

This session will explore community-led racial healing and reconciliation models grounded in ancestral and traditional knowledge. Racism is an obstacle to solving health inequities in historically marginalized communities. The Cihuapactli Collective is a BIPOC-led Community Development Corporation that is leading this transformative work in Arizona to advocate for the role healthcare institutions can play in reconciling past harms and discuss their approaches to repair the harm of racism by building relationships, trust, and collective community power.

Presenter Bio:

Dr. Enjolie Lafaurie is a grandmother, mom, sister, tía, psychologist, hypnotherapist, womb to tomb comadre, and business owner. She is originally from Southern California and is Afro-Cuban (Taino/Arawak) and Guatemalan (Maya). As a former faculty developer and professor specializing in the Psychology of Gender and Culture, her degrees from Arizona State University and the University of Southern California were in counseling psychology, emphasizing multiculturalism. Dr. Lafaurie’s passion for diversity resulted in her teaching in Tanzania, Africa, in 2004, on preventing HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other culturally bound practices. In 2007, Dr. Lafaurie became a certified hypnotherapist and, in 2014, received training in mindfulness and biofeedback at New Mexico State University. She is adding a certificate in Perinatal Mood Disorders to support her community better.

Since transitioning out of academia, Dr. Lafaurie has been incorporating her varied experiences within the nonprofit sector. Given both her business and educational background, she is now focusing on her role as the CDO/Comadre of Development for the Cihuapactli Collective, a non-profit organization that supports urban Indigenous families to reconnect with ancestral knowledge. As a bilingual professional in English and Spanish, Dr. Lafaurie is a regular contributor to podcasts, called on for speaking engagements, and as a consultant providing leadership and counsel to various boards and organizations. Her most recent writings have been included in the book Beyond the Surface of Restorative Practices: Building a Culture of Equity, Connection, and Healing, the Non-Profit Quarterly, and a guest on MSNBC's Velshi Across America.