Dr. Jody Ortman, LCP

Presentation: Opportunities for Integrated Care in the Post-pandemic Treatment of Substance Use Disorders

Presentation Description:

A sharp increase in substance use and abuse was noted during the pandemic. In addition to illegal substances, our culture now reflects a new level of acceptance and promotion for things like alcohol, marijuana, and other decriminalized substances. Pandemic precautions also changed the landscape for clinicians providing treatment services to clients struggling to manage the impact of use on their lives. Now that the pandemic portion of COV19 has been officially deemed over, the mental health field is faced with the challenge of re-engaging clients in services both in the office, and in a quantity that is achievable with therapist shortages. Many of our organizations are struggling to balance convenience and accessibility, while still ensuring provision of effective and quality care for this population. Let’s explore what the actual changes and needs are, while also identifying operationalized interventions to care for our communities.

Presenter Bio:

Dr. Jody Ortman is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in supporting adults and couples working through life changes, health concerns, anxiety, depression, and navigating trauma. Jody has many years of experience working in integrated care environments, including Federally Qualified Health Centers and in management of addiction recovery for the Colorado Department of Human Services. She has served in leadership and management roles as the Assistant Director of Commitment Behavioral Health & Medical Services at Colorado Department of Human Services and the supervisor of integrated services at Mental Health Partners in Denver, Colorado.