Markias Kaiyan Littlejohn, LCSW, CST and Germaine Middleton, LPC

Presentation: PTS3 (Post Traumatic Sexual Slave Syndrome) Sex, Shame, Intimacy, Secrecy, Violation, Healing

Presentation Description:

PTS3 (Post Traumatic Sexual Slave Syndrome)addresses a Poignant Taboo issue in the Black community, Black sexuality, the dysfunction accompanying it, and the integrative innovations that will heal it.

This presentation seeks to address the Sex, Shame, Intimacy, Secrecy, and Violations that surround Black Sexuality. This presentation examines this topic in the following categories: Historical Perspective, Sexual Warfare: Psychological Sexual Distortion, Incest in the Black Community, Homosexuality in the Black Community, and provides tools for Integrative Treatment Planning to improve Healthy Sexuality in the Black Community. After this presentation, you will never be the same!

Presenter Bios:

Markias Kaiyan Littlejohn, LCSW, CST

Markias Kaiyan Littlejohn (He/Him), the CEO of Kairos Therapeutic Alliance, LLC, is an internationally known Licensed Sex Therapist, Clinical Sexologist, and Integrative Practitioner who has specialized in Improving Male Sexual Health since 2013. He has proven success in providing effective interventions to high-profile men in the US and UK. He employs innovative and discreet interventions that empower men to command the sexuality they desire and deserve. This is achieved through skills acquisition and clinical pathways to tap into their primal sexual energy and prana.
Markias Kaiyan was featured in The Huffington Post as “One of 15 Male Therapists You Should Know”. Markias Kaiyan is a guest lecturer and Sex Expert for a Medical School and is featured and referenced in the Medical School’s textbook. Markias Kaiyan is enrolled in the Doctor of Behavioral Program (DBH) at Cummings Graduate Institute.

Germaine Middleton, LPC

Germaine Lenette Middleton is a Licensed Professional Counselor, speaker, and author. She is currently enrolled at Cummings Graduate Institute in the Doctor of Behavioral Health program. After graduating from Orangeburg-Wilkinson High School, she attended North Carolina A&T State University. She earned her B.A. in Psychology from Columbia College, Columbia, SC and continued her education by earning a Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling from South University, Columbia, SC.

Germaine is the owner and principal therapist at GLMmer Of Hope Counseling. As a survivor of domestic abuse, she assists victims with trauma-associated symptoms. She also serves as a chapter mentor for In Pursuit of Me, a personal development program that helps women align with their purpose. After finding her voice, Germaine inspires others to Write Their Own Story by taking ownership of life choices and outcomes. Through forgiveness and empowerment, she encourages audiences to take back the pens from those who have kept them from walking in purpose and power.