Shadiase Jack, MSW, LCSW-c

Poster Presentation: Diving into the World of Diabetes and Co-morbid Depression

Presentation Description:

Discover the relationship between depression and worsened diabetes symptoms.

Presenter Bio:

Currently pursuing a Doctorate in Behavioral Health from Cummings Graduate Institute for Behavioral Health Studies, Shadiase Jack has over a decade of experience providing Mental Health Services. She is a Licensed Certified Social Worker skilled and experienced in serving diverse populations and individuals of different socio-economic backgrounds. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Sciences from Andrews University and two Master’s degrees in Social Work and Gerontology, respectively, from Loma Linda University.

Reflecting on her youth, Shadiase joined the Scarborough Police and Fire Service Youth Groups in her homeland of Tobago, which fostered her love for mentoring the youth and helping others to be their best selves. Her passion for helping others was further strengthened through volunteering at an Orphanage in Trinidad. Her favorite activities include reading, traveling, listening to music, and cooking.

Over the years, with her professional growth and development, she is always eager to continue utilizing skills and knowledge to aid clients and their families in achieving their full potential. She aims to impact health care within the Caribbean region by integrating mental health services within the primary health system and contributing to an overall improvement in the quality of care.