Fanike-Kiara Young, DBH, LCSW to Serve as the New Director of the DBH Program at Cummings Graduate Institute for Behavioral Health Studies

The nonprofit, private, post-secondary institution specializing in integrated behavioral health education selects Fanike-Kiara Young, DBH, LCSW, to lead the Doctor of Behavioral Health degree program.

August 24, 2020

Cummings Graduate Institute for Behavioral Health Studies is excited to announce that Dr. Fanike-Kiara Young, DBH, LCSW has been promoted to the Director of the DBH Program role effective August 24th, 2020. Dr. Young previously served as the Assistant Director of the Doctor of Behavioral Health (DBH) program and faculty member.

Dr. Fanike-Kiara Young is a Doctor of Behavioral Health, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Master Addiction Counselor, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master Reiki Practitioner with degrees from Georgia State University and Arizona State University. As the Director of the DBH Program, Dr. Young will lead and manage all activities related to academic operations, including day-to-day operations of courses, curriculum, faculty, and student advising. Additionally, Dr. Young will mentor current DBH students and instruct them in courses throughout their tenure in the program.

With over 11 years of entrepreneurial experience via private practice, consulting, and training, Dr. Young has served in a variety of capacities including but not limited to Interim Clinical Director of a community-based counseling agency, Team Lead of intensive family therapy teams, Lead Therapist, Training Coordinator, Clinical Supervisor, and Quality Improvement Specialist. When asked about her vision for the future of the DBH program, Dr. Young shares, “We will continue to grow and improve the world of healthcare by training our DBH students to use their various degrees of expertise and heartfelt passion to heal holistically, constantly innovate, and disrupt the status quo.”

Dr. Cara English, CEO of Cummings Graduate Institute, says, “CGI is so fortunate to be welcoming Dr. Young into a larger role in DBH program leadership. Since her first day at CGI as an instructor, Dr. Young has been focused on quality and mentorship for students. She spearheaded a mentorship program for our students which has helped students work towards their academic and professional goals in a more personal and dedicated way. It takes a special kind of person to be able to wear the many hats that we all do at CGI while pursuing passion for healthcare change with an attitude of a disruptive innovator. Dr. Young is just that person. I’m proud of and grateful for what she has already brought to the program and to CGI, and I am thrilled to see her moving into this new role!”

As of August 2020, CGI has graduated 11 Doctors of Behavioral Health who are located across the United States practicing in a variety of capacities including healthcare leadership, private practice, and university education. To learn more about the Doctor of Behavioral Health degree program, visit