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June 2017 Biodyne Mindset Newsletter
The Very Un-Filtered Truth

By Dr. Bobbi Vogelsong, Faculty Associate, DBH Program

I graduated with my MSW in 1985 and I have worked consistently since then, meaning I’m clearly over 40 (sigh). I have worked in both the public and private sectors, in a solo private practice, and for the last 11 years, at Northlight Counseling Associates Inc., where I am both a practitioner and an owner. I have lived in NY, FL, MI, and AZ, and practiced professionally in the last two.

I entered the DBH program in 2011 and graduated in 2013.  My own practice has been strongly altered by my increased understanding of integrated care, and now my patients never know whether they’re going to get nutritional advice, encouragement to be more active, a referral to an endocrinologist, or psychotherapy! Thanks to the DBH entrepreneurial spirit, which matches my own, I am in the process of starting another practice (with three partners) in the highly specialized and underserved area of perinatal mood disorders. Without the DBH, I doubt my thoughts would have landed in that direction.

I teach two courses for the CGI DBH program, but the one I personally developed is the course in Behavioral Interventions for Chronic Pain.  In this course, students learn how pain functions both objectively and subjectively, the environmental and behavioral factors that influence pain perception, assessment tools that are helpful in determining not only pain experience but co-morbid mood disorders as well, and finally, how to utilize many techniques (including some basic hypnotic inductions!) to assist their patients with managing chronic pain in the most efficient and efficacious ways. And we have fun along the way!

Dr. Vogelsang’s course, Behavioral Interventions for Chronic Pain, will be offered in Spring 2018. Interested in enrolling in this course to expand your knowledge and expertise? Let us know! We can make it happen.

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New Student Service Offers Support to Students Facing Crisis

The recently launched Student Advocacy and Assistance service at Cummings Graduate Institute guides students in resolving educational, personal and other academic impediments toward successful completion of their academic goals. Student Advocacy and Assistance’s purpose is to empower students to overcome obstacles to their growth both inside and outside the classroom by providing students with resources to make informed decisions and take a proactive role in the resolution process so that they may maintain progress toward earning a degree.

Student Advocacy and Assistance strives to make appropriate referrals and contacts to help address students’ personal concerns and negotiate through the various administrative options available to them as a student of CGI. Student Advocacy and Assistance can help students define the problem and find the best resources to address their concerns during difficult times.

Students can access the Student Advocacy and Assistance service 24/7.

We hope this new student service, developed by our all-star Student Services department, will be one additional way CGI can help connect students with resources that really help!

DBH Brochures Available!

Promotional brochures for the DBH program and non-degree study at Cummings Graduate Institute are now available. We invite you to download and share these brochures with your colleagues, associates, and friends.

* Doctor of Behavioral Health Degree Brochure

* Integrated Behavioral Health Education & Training Brochure