Accreditation Announcement


Accreditation Announcement

Cummings Graduate Institute for Behavioral Health Studies Granted Accreditation


Phoenix, AZ, July 19, 2019

Cummings Graduate Institute for Behavioral Health Studies (CGI) was granted accreditation by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC), which is listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a recognized accrediting agency and recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

Founded in 2015, CGI is a nonprofit, online post graduate institution offering a Doctor of Behavioral Health (DBH) degree exclusively focused on integrated healthcare. CGI is dedicated to disrupting healthcare by preparing entrepreneurial integrated care professionals through innovative and affordable quality distance education programs, grounded in the Biodyne Model, and focused on delivering human-centered care, population health improvements, and medical cost savings. CGI is focused on meeting the healthcare industry’s need for a highly-skilled workforce to support an integrated approach to addressing patients’ needs. 

Accreditation is a voluntary process that institutions elect to undergo as a public demonstration of educational quality that is driven by outcomes-focused student success. CGI selected to undergo the rigorous process of accreditation through DEAC because of its primary focus on quality distance education. Accreditation provides assurances that an institution meets or exceeds established standards and graduates students who achieved the stated learning outcomes in preparation to enter the global marketplace. 

“To say that we are thrilled to have achieved our top priority institutional strategic goal of institutional accreditation is an understatement. Our Team, led by our Director of Operations, Amanda Harrison,  M.Ed., invested hundreds of hours preparing documentation to undergo this comprehensive peer-review process. As an institution offering online education programs, we are honored to have been awarded accreditation by the DEAC. With the field of higher education continuing to evolve in response to rapid workforce changes, the need to provide accessible, affordable, high-quality, online education is more apparent than ever. CGI is proud to serve our current and future students with quality educational offerings in the growing field of integrated behavioral healthcare.” Dr. Cara English, DBH, CEO and Director of the DBH Program, Cummings Graduate Institute for Behavioral Health Studies.

About CGI

Cummings Graduate Institute of Behavioral Health Studies (CGI) is a nonprofit, online, private institution offering post-graduate education and training in the field of Integrated Behavioral Health, including the Doctor of Behavioral Health (DBH) degree exclusively focused in integrated care. As of July 2019, CGI has graduated ten Doctors of Behavioral Health who are located across the United States practicing in a variety of capacities including healthcare leadership, private practice, and university education. To learn more about CGI and the Doctor of Behavioral Health degree program, visit:

About DEAC

Founded in 1926, the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) is a private, non-governmental organization created for the purpose of establishing standards of accreditation and reviewing institutions and programs against these standards. DEAC accreditation is an objective, independent, and reliable validation of an institution’s performance. As of July 2, 2019, 88 degree granting and postsecondary institutions have achieved DEAC accreditation. To learn more about DEAC, visit