About Dr. Ellen Fink-Samnick

Dr. Ellen Fink-Samnick is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Board-certified Case Manager, and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. She always aimed to attain a terminal degree but never found the right fit for her interdisciplinary lens until she discovered CGI's Doctor of Behavioral Health program. Dr. Fink-Samnick is a clinical supervision trainer and instructor for the National Association of Social Workers of Virginia and Metro DC, lead for Rise Association’s Social Determinants of Health Community, moderator of Ellen’s Ethical LensTM on LinkedIn, author of  Ellen’s Interprofessional Insights, and faculty at the University of Buffalo School of Social Work, George Mason University’s School of Public Health, and most recently Cummings Graduate Institute for Behavioral Health Studies. Her latest books include, The Essential Guide to Interprofessional Ethics for Healthcare Case Management, The Social Determinants of Health: Case Management's Next Frontier, End of Life Care for Case Management, and upcoming Social Determinants of Mental Health: Advancing Wholistic Practice Excellence. Dr. Fink-Samnick is known for her fierce professional voice. 

Dr. Fink-Samnick’s DBH Culminating Project was entitled Advancing the Wholistic Health Equity Quality Roadmap: Integrated Care’s Quality Quotient. Her culminating project explores how the wholistic health equity determinants (WHED) of social determinants of health and mental health, systemic racism, and overall traumas contribute to poor clinical outcomes and fiscal losses at each touchpoint of care, especially for vulnerable and marginalized populations. Dr. Fink-Samnick developed an 8-step roadmap for national regulatory entities and healthcare organizations to attain wholistic health equity successfully. A roadmap at the national level is a moral, ethical, and financial imperative to ensure inclusive, quality-driven, patient-centered, and concordant interventions for all populations.

Learn more about Dr. Fink-Samnick and her culminating project by watching the videos below.