New Podcast Episode Explores the Role of Doctors of Behavioral Health in Healthcare

September 13, 2023

In the latest episode of Disruptors at Work: and Integrated Care Podcast hosts Dr. U. Grant Baldwin, Jr., DBH, Director of the Doctor of Behavioral Health (DBH) program at Cummings Graduate Institute for Behavioral Health Studies (CGI), and Dr. Larry Ford, DBH, Member of the CGI Board of Directors, lead an insightful discussion focused on the American Association of Doctors of Behavioral Health, exploring what this organization is, how it is currently being shaped, and the role of Doctors of Behavioral Health in the future.

Thank you to our subject matter expert:

  • Dr. Amber Gray, DBH, MA, CCFDVC, PhD-c

Listen to the episode below.

About the Subject Matter Expert:

Dr. Amber Gray, DBH, MA, CCFDVC, PhD-c, has worked nearly three decades in violence prevention and intervention as a nationally credentialed victim and patient advocate. During this time, she achieved many certifications and awards for her service to victims of violence. She recently received the 2023 Equity Award from the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence. After a long career, she changed her scope of focus to behavioral health, business, healthcare education, administrative management, violence prevention and intervention. In addition to serving as the inaugural CEO of the AADBH, Dr. Gray works as a healthcare educator for victim services providers. In this capacity, she provides training to providers for trauma-informed methodologies and treatment practices. Her goal is to help to reduce patient retraumatization in medical or clinical settings. She is currently slated to receive a 2nd Doctorate in Forensic Psychology, Public Policy, and Law.