Cummings Graduate Institute Celebrates New Graduate, Dr. Liliane de Aguiar-Rocha, DBH, BCBA

March 4, 2020

Cummings Graduate Institute for Behavioral Health Studies (CGI) is thrilled to announce the graduation of their newest Doctor of Behavioral Health, Dr. Liliane de Aguiar-Rocha, DBH, BCBA. Dr. Rocha completed the requirements for the Doctor of Behavioral Health (DBH) program and was conferred to graduate in December 2019. On January 25, 2020, CGI celebrated the culmination of Dr. Rocha’s doctoral journey and the beginning of her work as a Doctor of Behavioral Health at the 2020 DBH Commencement Ceremony held in Reno, NV.

Dr. Rocha entered the DBH program as an accomplished Board Certified Behavior Analyst specialized in improvement processes for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities of all ages, from toddlers to seniors. Prior to attending CGI, she earned her Masters of Philosophy with a focus in Learning Processes and Behavior Analysis and Masters of Arts in General Psychology from The City University of New York.

For her DBH Culminating Project, Dr. Rocha created a behavior economics strategy and quality improvement project designed to reduce the use of polypharmacy with antipsychotics in a hospital setting. Following the recommendations of the World Health Organization, Dr. Rocha’s project demonstrated that emails designed according to a behavioral economics strategy can affect prescribing behavior. The study took place at a large inpatient psychiatric hospital in Brazil and significantly reduced a dangerous antipsychotic prescribing behavior in just 11 weeks. Dr. Rocha’s Culminating Project is an example of how a Doctor of Behavioral Health can improve healthcare outcomes through the use of a simple and low-cost intervention.

Completing the DBH program at CGI widened the breadth of Dr. Rocha’s knowledge of integrated care and prepared her to be a top tier professional in the healthcare industry. Reflecting on her experience at CGI, Dr. Rocha states, “Now I can truly say that I can look at a patient holistically, as I am aware of the many variables that affect their physical and behavioral health. I am better prepared to interact with other medical providers as I understand the language they speak. I have an understanding of psychopharmacology, pathophysiology, and neuro-pathophysiology, and I can use these skills to better serve my patients. I am also better prepared to tackle healthcare management issues as I developed my entrepreneurial and managerial skills. I don’t think of myself as just a behavior analyst anymore. I am now a powerful change agent in the healthcare field.”

As a result of the success of her research and studies at CGI, Dr. Rocha has launched her own venture, The Behavior Web, a BACB and QABA certified training and consultation organization. The Behavior Web aims to improve the quality of services in healthcare through the use of practical behavioral interventions, ranging from large-scale Behavioral Economics strategies to person-centered, trauma-informed individualized interventions. To learn more about Dr. Rocha, her research, and her organization, visit


View the 2020 DBH Commencement Ceremony Video