Phoenix ~ The leadership at Cummings Graduate Institute for Behavioral Health Studies (CGI) was proud to celebrate their two-year anniversary as one of the country’s most innovative, 100% online degree programs in integrated behavioral health.  Founded in June 2015, it is one of a handful of universities worldwide that grant the distinguished Doctor of Behavioral Health (DBH) degree, and is the only university in the world that exclusively focuses on the growing field of integrated healthcare. CGI credits its origins to the work of Nicholas Cummings, Ph.D, Sc.D (1924 — ), an American psychologist, author, and former president of the American Psychology Association (1979).

Dr. Cummings is a visionary who, for half a century not only was able to foresee the future of professional psychology, but also helped create it. A former president of the American Psychological Association (APA) as well as its Divisions 12 (Clinical Psychology) and 29 (Psychotherapy), he formed numerous national organizations in response to trends. Since organized psychology resisted these inevitable changes, Dr. Cummings blazed the way, expecting others would follow. He launched the professional school movement by founding the four campuses of the California School of Professional Psychology that established clinicians as full-fledged members of the faculty. As chief of mental health for the Kaiser Permanente health system in the 1950s, he wrote and implemented the first prepaid psychotherapy contract in the era when psychotherapy was an exclusion rather than a covered benefit in health insurance.  The pinnacle of his historic work is the creation of the Doctor of Behavioral Health (DBH) degree and its parent school, Cummings Graduate Institute for Behavioral Health Studies.

At CGI, the Biodyne model is the nucleus. The word Biodyne is composed of two classical Greek words; bio, meaning “life,” and dyne, meaning “change.” The goal of the Biodyne model is life change. As an Institute, CGI strives for a “life change” – for their leadership and faculty, for their students, for their patients and for their providers.  Cara English, CEO for Cummings Institute states, “At CGI we’re looking for disruptors – providers with a fire in their bellies – those who aren’t afraid to differentiate themselves from the herd or to advocate for the change they see as a need in the world.  We’re looking for mavericks. Mavericks who dig hanging out with other mavericks and who want nuts-and-bolts training, inspiration, support, and encouragement to bring those innovative dreams to life.”

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About Dr. Nicholas A. Cummings

Presently, Dr. Cummings resides in Reno, Nevada with the one love of his life, Dorothy Mills Cummings. Together in 2015 they celebrated their 67th wedding anniversary. They maintain a winter home in Scottsdale, Arizona. He continues as Distinguished Professor of Psychology at the University of Nevada, Reno, and active president of the Cummings Foundation for Behavioral Health.  He serves as the Chair for the Board of Directors of Cummings Graduate Institute for Behavioral Health Studies.


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