by Miriam Curranin, International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC)

A global project to map Integrated Care education and training programs is underway.

IFIC Special Interest Group (SIG) Advanced Education in Integrated Care, led by Anne Wojtak (University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada) and Dr. Cara English, DBH (Cummings Graduate Institute, Arizona, US), is working to develop a global inventory of education programs for Integrated Care. Frances Barraclough, an Australian researcher, has volunteered to create the survey and manage data analysis for the SIG.

Now IFIC’s colleagues from around the world are being asked to help.

In the coming months, the SIG aims to establish a network of members and create a forum to learn about existing and emerging programs, share curricula, materials, and ideas. It will then look to identify opportunities to promote scholarship and research, including policy, evidence, and practice, for integrated care; as well as explore the potential for partnerships between institutions and with patients and caregivers.

In order to identify all existing programs, and those under development, the team is asking colleagues around the world to complete a brief survey before January 25, 2019. The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Questions include requesting contact information from key contacts in the program, and listing information about the program itself.

Are you involved in education and training in Integrated Care? Please click here to take part in the survey.

Co-Chairs Anne Wojtak and Dr. Cara English, DBH said, “The IFIC Education and Training SIG has set its sights on sharing first what already exists in educational opportunities for those in Integrated Care settings. We hope to build on the existing network of programs, identify gaps in training, connect individuals and organizations to high quality training programs, and promote partnership and collegiality between programs. Data gained from this survey will be presented at ICIC 19 in San Sebastián, Spain.”

Membership of the SIG extends across Europe, North America, Asia, New Zealand, and Australia. For more information or to join click here.

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