New Podcast Episode Explores The Biodyne Model in Integrated Healthcare

May 7, 2024

In the newest episode of Disruptors at Work: an Integrated Care Podcast, host Dr. U. Grant Baldwin, Jr., DBH, Director of the Doctor of Behavioral Health (DBH) program at Cummings Graduate Institute for Behavioral Health Studies, and Dr. Christine Moninghoff, DBH, delve into the intersection of mental health and chronic medical conditions through the lens of a licensed psychologist with a Doctorate of Behavioral Health. Discover the importance of the Biodyne model in training clinicians and integrating mental health into medical settings, and gain insights into the future of integrated healthcare.

Thank you to our subject matter expert:

  • Dr. Christine Moninghoff, DBH

Listen or watch the episode below.

About the Expert

Dr. Christine Moninghoff received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Seton Hall University, a Master of Arts in Clinical Practices, Psychology from University of Hartford, and a Doctor of Behavioral Health (DBH) degree from Arizona State University (ASU). She started her career as a School-Based Counselor and Psychiatric On-Call Worker at Hunterdon Medical Center in Flemington, NJ. As a State of Nevada employee for the last 20 years, Dr. Moninghoff provided outpatient treatment through Children’s Clinical Services, generalist services at High Desert State Prison, and inpatient treatment at Desert Willow Treatment Center (children) and Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital (adults).

Supervision to pre-doctoral and post-doctoral interns and practicum students was provided while Dr. Moninghoff served on the faculty of the Nevada Psychology Internship Consortium (NV-PIC). As an Associate Faculty, she developed and taught curriculum to doctoral candidates at ASU and Cummings Graduate Institute for Behavioral Health Studies. She directed the Psychological Services Department for Nevada’s Desert Regional Center serving those with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Currently, Dr. Moninghoff serves under the Deputy Administrator for Nevada’s Division of Child and Family Services as a consultant on statewide matters pertaining to children’s mental health. Dr. Moninghoff has been a licensed psychologist since 2014. Her private practice offers assessments, psychological testing, and psychotherapy services to the greater Las Vegas community and with close proximity to Creech and Nellis Air Force bases, many veterans, active-duty military, and their families.

About the Bioidyne Model

The Biodyne Model is an advanced clinical psychotherapy model that looks at a person from the basic characteristics of how they interact with the world, how they establish relationships, and where those types of thoughts feelings and behaviors are getting in the way of their best care, their best treatment, and their best progress in life.

The Biodyne Model gives a holistic view of a patient. It helps a clinician zero in on the underlying issues and determine the level of care needed for a patient efficiently.

Learn more about the Biodyne Model