Cummings Graduate Institute Recognizes Student Excellence with DEAC Honor Society Charter

June 23, 2020

Cummings Graduate Institute for Behavioral Health Studies (CGI) is pleased to announce that it has been issued a Delta Epsilon Tau charter. Delta Epsilon Tau International Honor Society (DETHS) recognizes the academic achievements of distance education students and was established by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) in Washington, D.C. 

The purpose of the Delta Epsilon Tau International Honor Society is to encourage and recognize superior student academic achievement, character and leadership. Delta Epsilon Tau is the only Honor Society that brings earned recognition and honor to those individuals who have worked diligently to acquire new knowledge and skills from an accredited distance learning institution. It is the “Mark of Distinction” for a distance education institution, such as CGI,  to be awarded a Chapter. Membership in Delta Epsilon Tau is by nomination only, which sets this honor’s society  apart as an exemplar of excellence and personal integrity. 

CGI has been assigned the chapter name “Alpha Beta of Arizona.”

Recognition Certificate and Honors

Each outstanding student elected to membership receives a personalized membership certificate. This certificate includes the candidate’s name, distance learning institution, Chapter affiliation, and date of induction. To properly honor this achievement, each certificate also includes the Delta Epsilon Tau Gold Seal of Distinction and Official Crest.

DET Gold Key

To accompany the certificate, each outstanding student also receives our Honorary Delta Epsilon Tau Gold Key. Professionally die-struck, sandblasted and polished, each Gold Key from the Delta Epsilon Tau Honor Society includes the Greek letters D.E.T., the flaming torch (which represents the light of continuous learning), and two of the finest words in any language — “Integrity” and “Excellence.” As an added service, each honor student also receives a special congratulatory letter from the President of Delta Epsilon Tau and a narrative about the society. Upon request, outstanding students may also request a letter of reference when seeking employment or other career opportunities.

Selection Process and Criteria

Society candidates are nominated by CGI faculty and staff, based on their academic performance.

CGI will be pleased to highlight and honor the achievements of our students. Future CGI DETHS Honor Society students will be an inspiration to all CGI students striving for the highest academic achievement, as well as shaping successful new career paths in the growing integrated healthcare industry.

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